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Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization

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The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) is one of the first[citation needed] industry organizations of search engine marketing firms. A non-profit professional association, SEMPO was formed in 2003, to promote search engine marketing and provide educational resources to members and consumers.

Founding members

The organization was started by the following industry players and all were the original set of Board of Directors[citation needed]:

  • Barbara Coll (WebMama.com Inc)
  • Dana Todd (SiteLab International Inc.)
  • Kevin Lee (Did-It)
  • Noel McMichael of (Marketleap, later acquired by Digital Impact)
  • Christine Churchill (KeyRelevance)
  • Fredrick Marckini (iProspect)
  • Jessie Stricchiola (Alchemist Media)
  • Brett Tabke of WebMasterWorld was added as a Board Member soon after the launch of the association.

Danny Sullivan (formerly from Search Engine Watch) was briefly on the founding Board of Directors, then served on the original Board of Advisors, along with Chris Sherman of Search Day, Dan Boberg from Overture, Chris LaSala from Google and Safa Rashtchy of Piper Jaffray[citation needed].

Information and Activities

  • Represents over 500 companies globally[citation needed] through initiatives to support a general mission of outreach and education, to expand and influence[citation needed] the growing search engine marketing (SEM) industry.
  • Provides free information as a public service[citation needed], such as research, case studies, "webinars" and learning materials for search engine marketing.
  • Launched new SEMPO Institute for search marketing training courses.
  • A way to get involved with other members of the SEM community worldwide, and further the mission of the maturing search engine marketing industry[citation needed].
  • Committees include Research, Education, Global Working Groups, and Metrics/Standards are open to all members, are working on a large number of activities and issues[citation needed].
  • SEMPO's Annual State of the Search Market Survey is widely referenced by press and industry analysts[citation needed], and is one of the largest research benchmarking studies of SEM in the North America market[citation needed]. 2007 will mark the 3rd year of the survey. Surveys will also be deployed in Japan and Europe in 2007[citation needed].


SEMPO's sponsors include Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, SuperPages.com, Search Engine Strategies, and Atlas[citation needed]. Its membership includes search engine marketing firms and consultants, Web developers, inhouse marketing professionals, and advertising agencies[citation needed].

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